Di-Gata Defenders

Di-Gata the adventures of these 4 warriors as they defend the Realm against the evil Order of Infinis. With the help of powerful Guardians the heroes will fight to control the destiny of the four pure stones. They are the last line of protection between the good people of Rados and the villains who seek to rule them. At the beginning of time, the realm of RaDos was bathed in a mystical energy that took the form of legendary creatures known as PRIMORDIALS. Over many centuries, these creatures began to dissipate, their life force bonding to the Earth's crust. A race of humanoids eventually developed a way to harness this energy by forging a series of stones cut from the Di-Gata Mountains. These became known as the DI-GATA STONES. Knowing that the immense power of the stones may eventually fall into the wrong hands, a group known as the WIZARDS OF YAN were entrusted with keeping peace and balance throughout the realm. They trained an elite group of DI-GATA DEFENDERS to protect Rados from those who would seek to use the Di-Gata stones for harm. A former Wizard of Yan, named NAZMUL, became corrupted by the stones, and decided the power should be his alone. He formed his own organization called the ORDER OF INFINIS, to help him achieve enormous power and eternal life. Nazmul was a skilled wizard, and he was able to cast a deadly spell that reformed much of the realms power into a massively powerful Guardian, known as the MEGALITH. In a final battle for the realm, the Wizards of Yan found a way to contain the Megalith, by casting a spell of binding that would trap it within four separate stone prisons. The four PURE STONES were given to 4 monks, and carried off in different directions to be hidden in each corner of the realm. However, the effects of the 'spell of binding' have begun to erode with time. The MEGALITH is growing restless, as freedom grows closer each day...
Knowing that true evil can never be completely vanquished, the remaining Wizards of Yan gathered together four promising young children (all off-spring of the previous Defenders) and began to train them as the next generation of Di-Gata Defenders. The new Defenders may never get the chance to prove their worth, as the dark forces of evil have already begun to rise once more...


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