Heather Graham

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on January 29th, 1970, Graham had a passion for acting early on in life. Her predisposition didn't earn her many friends though; she was passed off as a drama geek. Still, Graham persisted and soon found herself in Hollywood and in movies like Drugstore Cowboy and Diggstown, and television series' like Twin Peaks. Her career moved along quickly and successfully with very few potholes along the way. Heather's career has been on a steady upwards trajectory from day one. Heather's recent portrayal of Rollergirl in the porn industry epic Boogie Nights has turned heads. In fact, even her head did a bit of turning. She says that it was hard not to look. She also made a brief cameo in Scream 2's movie within a movie Stab. Now, with her appearance in Lost in Space as the eldest daughter in the Robinson family, she has hit the big time. The big-budget summer 98 sci-fi movie is her highest profile movie to date. Last summer marks the arrival of two of her latest movies. The much anticipated Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Bowfinger's Big Thing with Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin

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